Hi, I'm Jesslyn, an 18 year old (2012) graphic design student who enjoys art and crafts. It is my passion and it makes me happy! ☺ At the same time, I like using eco friendly or upcycled items to create a craft. Instead of buying all new stuff to produce a product, I like use what I have, I repurpose them, whether it is recyclable or not, repurposing is a great way to create less rubbish. ☺ If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me. (Refer to 'contact')

Heart Eco has been established since June 2009, being officially opened on the 1st July 2009;
Whereas Heart Eco's Facebook Page was launched on the month of June 2010.
With this, I wish to share my handmade crafts, including some which are being transformed/repurposed/upcycled (reuse materials that has no use from it's original mean). Since young, I like to collect items that my family does not see any use of. I'll take what I think may come in handy, and one day, from nothing, they'll become something when an idea pops up. I'll innovate and transform them. To others, they may think it is useless, but in my eyes, I see lots of treasure in it. Like they say, a man's trash may be anothers' treasure. ;)

Crafting took up a lot of space. Therefore i decided to sell them here. In a way, it also gives me an opportunity to share my creativity, and at the same time, encouraging people to reduce, reuse and recycle. ☺

Your support is very much appreciated,
Thank you! ♥


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