Terms & Conditions

1) Items sold are not refundable or exchangeable.
2) Strictly for serious buyers only.
3) First come, first served basis.
4) 'Reserved' will be shown on an item when a buyer or more had order the item but had not paid. But if buyer haven't paid for 3 days, the item can be opened to others, but item will still be shown as reserved. If another person wants the same thing, the person who pays first will get the item.
5) Prices listed do not include postage charges. Please refer 'payment' and 'shipping' section.
6) I currently do not accept COD.
7) Please understand that colours may have slight difference from actual item due to different screens.
8) Seller is not responsible for any loss/damages made during the delivery.
9) Please use the order form at the 'order' section to submit your orders.
10) Items are all handmade and loved.

11) All artwork and handcrafted items are copyrighted. All rights reserved.
12) I'm a student and I don't always have the chance to be online all the time, so please be patient with replies. I will try my best to reply you as soon as possible.
13) Those who back out will be blacklisted.
14) Do contact me for any customizations.
15) For further inquiries, feel free to leave a message on the 'customer & inquiries' shoutbox. Or not, refer to 'contact' section.


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