Customer Feedback/Comments

Hi dear, I already received it just now.. Marvellous! Really really like it.. :D Thanks a lot yaa~
- Siti Shareeda

I just opened the parcel and saw the necklace. You did such an amazing job! Thank you! :)
- Rachel Quek

The necklace arrived! And it's beautiful! Thank you so much. Have a terrific day.
- Jodi

They are very beautiful. Thanks again ya!

- Mohd Aizuddin

I've already got the item.. It's nice. Thanks :)
- Hanna Bella

I received them safely~ Ok Jess~ Nice to know you.. Take care~ Have a nice day... ^_^
- Siti Ahmad

Hey! I got the necklace! It's gorgeous. Thanks so much for making it. (:
- Sarah Ahmad

Received, thanks dear (:
- Farahani

Hey hey... Just received my parcel :) Thanks yea.
- Amira F.S

I already got it. Thank you, my lil sis really like it. Thanks a lot!
- NurAkhyar

I promoted your stuffs to my friends at school. So, I will order more from you after this. (:
- Nur Hafizha

Hi there, I received the item. It is so cute! Thanks a lot! :)
- Najwa

Hi! Received the item! Love it to bits! xD
- Nisa Razak

Hey Jesslyn, I've received my items last Saturday. Thank you so much! I love the wired names :D Keep up the good work ya. Take care!
- Michelle Low
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