Mini Kawaii Letter Set

sample - (back)

sample - (front)

Here's a cute yet presentable set of stationary for anyone!
It's all handmade and hand drawn; one of a kind. :)
Perfect for writing short notes for someone special.

Set includes:
1) 4 Hand-Drawn Brown Note Papers [14.8cm x 11cm]
2) 8 Cute Hand-Drawn Stickers
3) 8pc (2 colours each) of 2cm x 5cm(short) Pre-doublesided Taped Paper 'Book'
4) 8pc (2 colours each) of 2cm x 8cm(long) Pre-doublesided Taped Paper 'Book'
5) 4 Handmade Cute Envelopes (4 colours) Pre-stamped with Handcarved Cupcake Rubber Stamp


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