Personalized Wired Names/Word

I had been bending wires ever since 2009 using aluminium wires which are very soft, and finally bought harder wires which are sterling silver plated copper wire.
I had demands on bending wired names, so now I'm finally providing a service for it.
Now that I got the better harder wires, the time taken to bend a wired name is more challenging.
The longest time I took to bend a name so far is 2 hours, but of course I have improved on the time as I go on. :) However, the time taken depends on the letterings and arrangements of the letters. Some may be simple and easy, some may require a specific design.
Therefore, bending wired names require a lot of workmanship, and is made will love and patience. :)

*Tips: You can use short forms like Jess instead of Jesslyn so that it will not be exposed much and risks bending.
*Great as gifts as they are unique and handmade specially for that special someone. :)

Notice : -

Here are some samples/sold wired names:


Diana Doodle said...

i nk order . can you give me you num phone ?

♥ Jesslyn said...

hey there, you can use the order form, it's right at the bottom of my page. Thanks! =)

-Ai Pei- said...

can i just buy the wire????

♥ Jesslyn said...

you mean without handphone strap and charm? yup no probs! :)

kopoklekor said...

saya nak tempah berdasar nama saya...leh x???balas kat my blog k...TQ

wanie said...

is this easily bend?
i wanna buy but the name is 6-8 letters

Happygirl said...

Hey, are you still selling and making this? I just saw all your creations and I love it a lot but besides making them into charms, do you make them into name bookmarks?

♥ Jesslyn said...

Hey there, yes I still do them and I do make them into bookmarks too. Just drop me an email at :) Thanks!

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